Phoenix Volleyball



Born in 2005 or later
Extended Age Class:  2004 (Jan -Dec)
Team Members

Sofia D

Grace F

Laila K

Sydney K

Hana L

Jaycelyn N

Sadie N

Asha S

Charley S

Quinn S

Kate S

Casey T-K


Devin Corah

Assistant Coach


At this stage of development, physical and social maturation levels play a critical part in an athlete’s ability to train.
Through focused planning and implementation of our training and competition schedule our coaches will strive to deliver a program that accommodates all the development that will occur during this important time.

Focal points will include physical literacy development, individual skill development and execution, and team play consolidation as an exciting competitive team. However, the major areas of focus will be on developing an athlete’s attitude and commitment to achieving excellence, and, fostering their passion and love for the sport of volleyball.

By stressing athlete-centred training, discipline, enjoyment, positive self-image, and teamwork, we are devoted to helping each athlete become a better competitor and a great student of the game!

The reality is that we are laying the critical foundation for an athlete’s success 3 or 4 years down the road.

Practice Info & Location





Junior Academy


Junior Academy


Nov 11/12/13, 2022 @ EY Centre

Dec 3, 2022 @ TBD

Jan 21, 2023 @ TBD

Feb 24/25/26, 2023 @ Niagara Falls Convention Centre

Mar 25-26, 2023 @ TBD